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We strive to make education accessible to EVERYONE. We want to do this by providing FREE and ONLINE resources for students of ALL levels.

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About VirtuSkool

We provide online resources free of cost and accessible to all students regardless of age. These resources are in the form of written articles in academic subjects like English, Science and Math and we strive to give education regarding current events, which can be viewed in our blog section.

Our writers are from a diverse group of writers of various ages and demographics which encourages students to be more open-minded and to explore various methods of academia and awareness on different subjects.

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On our blog, we will be writing about and publishing pieces on current events, as well as personal narratives and opinion articles. Occasionally, we will also post poetry or pieces of art that our amazing writers have created.

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We have articles relating to various topics in mathematics, science, and English. These pieces will be as age-friendly as possible, as well as completely free. Our writers are extremely experienced and very well educated.

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Apply today! Positions include academic/blog writers, web developers, editors, and marketers. We would love to have as many people contribute as possible!

 Meet Our Team!

Our team consists of people from varying demographics. The majority of us are high school or college-aged students, and we are all passionate about spreading education!

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